cp-e Custom Ford EcoBoost E-Tune

Earn up to 31 BoostBucks.


TUNING: Ford EcoBoost Base




TUNING: Motor (EcoBoost)




TUNING: Aux Fuel


The Ford EcoBoost platforms are impressive right from the factory, but there is so much more left on the table. We’ve been perfecting the EcoBoost E-Tune for years and have developed a comprehensive tuning strategy. High quality cp-e parts deserve a high quality tune to extract the most power from your vehicle. A common misconception is that the off the shelf tune will work just as well as a custom e-tune. Unfortunately every car and the conditions its driven in are different. The only way to ensure that your car has the most power and safest tune is through a custom e-tune or dyno tune.

EcoBoost E-Tune Philosophy

Our EcoBoost E-Tune philosphy is to get the widest, safest powerband possible. We ensure that your vehicle has more power available throughout the rev range, which greatly increases drivability. We’re happy to make peak numbers, but always ensure that the powerband is as drivable as possible.

EcoBoost E-Tune Process

Our lead engine calibrator works directly with you to collect logs and dial in the perfect tune for your car’s modifications. Armed with years of calibration experience and training from Cobb and SCT, cp-e is the top EcoBoost E-Tune choice. Upon purchasing the tune, our calibrator will contact you to learn about your vehicle and project goals. Using this information, we create and modify a tune to work perfectly with your Ford EcoBoost. We aim 24-48 hour turnaround time on revisions (1-2 business days, no guarantees) and aim to dial in the cars in 1-2 weeks. The tune is supported 1 year from the date the base tune is sent and includes any tweaks, changes, and log reviews unless hardware is changed from the base tune.


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