cp-e™ ∆Core™ Ford Focus RS FMIC Upgrade 2.75″ Outlet Adapter

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Focus RS FMIC Upgrade

Already have our intercooler and charge pipes? Looking for the most flow out of your cp-e™ ∆Core™ FMIC? This adapter will allow the cold side of your FMIC to be a full 2.75″ through the charge pipe. When we designed the Focus RS FMIC, we wanted to create a single design that worked for both mostly stock and also high horsepower builds. This adapter allows you to unlock more flow from your existing intercooler when you go with a larger turbo or push higher horsepower from the stock turbo.

Focus RS FMIC Upgrade Features

This kit swaps your ∆Core™ FMIC’s cold side output from the factory 2.5″ size to a 2.75″ size and includes a new silicone adapter to mate to the cp-e™ cold side charge pipe of your choice.

This kit must be used with a cp-e ColdCharge™ or Exhale™ kit.

  • Works with ∆Core™ Focus RS FMIC
  • Precision machined for a perfect fit
  • Includes all parts needed for installation
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty