cp-e™ Atmosphere Tial Sport Turbo

Earn up to 160 BoostBucks.


Turbo Choice

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Everyone who knows a thing or two about turbocharged vehicles knows that swapping your car’s turbo is the fast track to tons of power. Swapping your turbo out with a larger unit is a great way to make more power, but unfortunately not all turbos are created equal. Enter the cp-e Atmosphere Tial Sport Turbo.

cp-e specializes in a proprietary turbo built with the best components from the leading turbo manufacturers in the industry. With the cp-e Atmosphere Tial Sport Turbo our end goal is not only to offer the best turbo, but to offer the most complete turbo system on the market.

cp-e Atmosphere Tial Sport Turbo Features

  • Reliable Garrett GT / GTX cartridges
  • Custom machined cold side housing
  • Same size outside diameter GT28-GT35
  • Can be used to upgrade an existing cp-e Atmosphere turbo kit
  • Design optimized for maximum flow
  • Stainless steel construction

When building a cp-e Atmosphere Tial Sport Turbo we start the world renowned Garrett cartridge as the central building block. From there we use a large Garrett EC1 cold side housing that is machined to perfectly match the cartridge of your choice. We’ve found that the bellmouth machining on the smaller size turbos benefits flow and each cartridge and cold side are perfectly matched. This allows for the same outside diameter across all turbo cartridges.

The same is true of our hot side housing. Here we use the proven lightweight Tial Sport V-Band housing. These stainless steel housings weigh less than their iron Garrett counterparts and all share the same outside diameter for the V-bands. This allows you to use the same downpipe and external wastage regardless of turbo size.

In practice, this means that you’ll never need to re-purchase any parts other than a turbo if you plan to move up in size. Say you want to have a car that is competitive in a road race one week but need to turn up the boost and move to a larger turbo the next week. Our turbo kits can gladly accommodate this change. In fact you can go from GT28 to GT35 without the need to replace any supporting parts. With the same outside footprint for all of our turbos, upgrading down the road couldn’t be more simple.

Machined Cold Side Housing

Our cold side housings start life as a Garrett EC1 housing. This blank housing is then custom machined to optimize flow and perfectly match the Garrett cartridge.

Garrett Cartridge

Garrett cartridges are the industry standard. We’ve stuck with what works for the heart and soul of our turbos.

Tial Sport Hot Side Housing

For the hot side, we use a proven Tial Sport housing. These housings have the same outside diameter regardless of turbo size. Much like our cold side housings, this allows for all of the same supporting parts to be used when you decide to go with a larger turbo down the road.

Turbo Options

Atmosphere™ Turbo Kits are designed to be bolt-on, modular turbo kits. This allows our turbo kits to both bolt-on with zero vehicle modification needed and also allows easy upgradability down the line if a larger turbo is needed. Every turbo kit that we produce is built to fit the following turbo options.

Tial GT-R Ball Bearing Turbo Line Up

Tial GT2871R

Tial GT3071R

Tial GT3076R

Tial GT3582R

Tial GTX-R Ball Bearing Turbo Line Up

Tial GTX2871R

Tial GTX3071R

Tial GTX3076R

Tial GTX3582R