We’re pleased to welcome Steve Gelles as the VP of Sales & Marketing for our sister company, LTH. Steve will be working closely with cp-e also and we’re excited to see what his expertise brings to the table. Steve has been a friend of LTH and fellow Mustang enthusiast for years. He attends several Mustang events yearly and has built some remarkable cars on the S550 platform. Being a veteran owned and operated company, LTH truly respects Steve’s extensive service to our country.

Served over a decade in the military. Marine Corp and Army National Guard. After my enlistments, I got into the Mustang industry. It was always a hobby of mine and during my deployment to Iraq, it was what kept my sanity. I have been involved since 2011. I have worked for a couple performance companies before I landed here at Long Tube Headers.

Past Experience

Marine Corps: 02-06

Army National Guard: 07-13

Blow By Racing

UPR Products – Sales & Marketing