We are proud to give you guys a “sneak peek” into our new big turbo upgrade for the MazdaSPEED3 chassis. This release shows our new downpipe / dumptube (exit pipe) designed around our 2010 MazdaSPEED3 test vehicle that was recently displayed at PRI (Performance Racing Industry) Trade Show recently held in Orlando, Florida.

This downpipe has some key elements that really add to its design merit, re-circulated wastegate dumptube, 304 Stainless Steel construction, TIG welded (not completed in picture, as this is our prototype), extra available wideband lambda sensor bung, and integrated flex piping for both the main exhaust exit and the dumptube exit.

The re-circulating wastegate dumptube is just an example of how cp-e™ really goes the extra mile with design and engineering. Some other aftermarket manufacturers sell downpipes with separate wastegate dumptubes that just exit to atmosphere; we see this as a lazy method of design. With a re-circulating wastegate dumptube, you do not have the danger of extremely hot exhaust gases exiting within the engine bay, potentially causing engine heat soak and putting any sensitive parts (electrical or otherwise) in danger of overheating or melting. The exhaust from the wastegate will exit out the rear of the car, just like the rest of the engines exhaust output.

With the construction done in 304 Stainless Steel, you will never need to worry about rust or any other type of detrimental corrosive damage. TIG welded junctions mean strong, lasting welds, completed by our talented in house welding staff.

The extra lambda sensor bung at the elbow of the outlet is critical for easy installation of an aftermarket wideband lambda sensor to aid in precision tuning of the fueling requirements of the engine.

The flex joints in both the wastegate dumptube, and the main downpipe are critical for longevity of the entire assembly. If you have stock engine mounts or solid aluminum engine mounts, the engine still has vibrations and movement that the downpipe and exhaust assembly is subject to. The flex joints in our downpipe are a way to relieve the stress caused by normal engine movement to prevent the possibility of a broken weld or cracked downpipe assembly.

Stay tuned for further releases on our MazdaSPEED3 big turbo upgrade!