Since it’s introduction to the US market, Scion has totally embraced the tuner community and encouraged modification to their vehicles. Many dealerships even go as far to carry their in-house brand TRD and other aftermarket goodies in their parts department.

This year Scion held a tuner challenge that Super Street, x, and Speedhunters. I’ve been following the Speedhunters FR-S progress for the last few weeks, so it was pretty incredible to see the finished project in person.

This car wears a vintage Toyota Racing IMSA livery, and sports some seriously proper gold Rotiform wheels.

A lot of cars aim for the “modern car, vintage style” formula, but not many nail it like the Speedhunters FR-S. The white paint with the warm-colored vinyl accents really drive home the vintage look and those gold wheels are just the icing on the cake.

You didn’t expect this thing have good looks without a little more pep in its step, did you? The FA20 gets a much needed kick in the pants from a Cosworth supercharger, one of the first of its kind. Cosworth is a prestigious name to have in any engine bay, but here it just looks proper.

The interior offers a nice mix of updated factory parts and some racy bits. The biggest bummer on the factory Scion interior is the fish scale / faux carbon fiber dashboard. Scion had some good intentions, but it comes off as cheap. The Speedhunters FR-S remedies this with updated trim pieces and some subtle decals to give credit to the design team.

The subtle accents are what really sets this car over the top. The track purpose is shown loud and clear with a Speedhunters / Takata nylon tow strap on the front. At the rear you’re greeted by a custom diffuser with laser-engraved SH logos. It is very easy for a diffuser to look juvenile and over the top, but this one keeps the #becauseracecar theme flowing and fits very well.

The Rocket Bunny kit has found its way on to so many FR-S’ that it is almost more rare to see one without a wide body kit at SEMA. The kit has always looked good, but it is a little common now. To shake things up, Speedhunters collaborated with Ken Muira of Rocket Bunny fame to come up with a custom kit for the car. It looks great and has the wideness of the popular over fender kit, but with more refinement.

With an FR-S around every corner at SEMA, it is pretty hard to build something that will stand out and get noticed, but Speedhunters have succeeded with this incredible build.