Custom Performance Engineering is pleased to annouce Sander Marques as the head of our new engine calibration department. What does this mean to you? cp-e™ will now be offering custom dyno tuning, done by Sander, with our in house Mustang Dynomometer (MD-500-AWD-SE).

Sander has a long history of engine tuning and electrical / engine diagnostics.

Sander started working as an automotive mechanic in 2001 at a European car repair facility. While diagnosing and repairing BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche automobiles, Sander started with some of the first versions of Hondata ECU ROM editing. He went on to pursue his love affair with fuel injection after tuning his own car with Hondata in 2003. He has spent countless hours tuning on local dynos: Performance Specialties Inc in Glen Burnie, Charm City Tuning in Baltimore, and Tempest Racing in St. Marys. In 2005, He broadened his ECU knowledge base beyond Hondata by focusing on AEM EMS systems, Electromotive Tec systems, and Motec M400/600/800/880 ECUs, mainly in racecars. He has trained at EFI University, and is certified in MoTeC version 3 Software and set up. The new MoTeC ECU’s are regarded as one of the most powerful and complicated ECU’s to operate, a true testament to his expertise.

Additionally, Sander has an extensive background in data acquisition and analysis. Sander campaigned his own Honda Challenge racecar, where he gathered extensive data to analyze and solve various performance issues. This first-hand experience in a race environment is a valuable component in Sander’s skill set.

Sander has a broad network of clients ranging from the National Auto Sport Association(NASA) Honda Challenge Series, to the professional import drag racing series on the east coast. Whether it is a road racecar (NASA and SCCA) demanding perfect throttle transitions and reliability, squeezing out maximum horsepower for a drag car, or just your everyday street car, Sander can maximize your car’s performance while maintaining OE reliability.

Here are some dyno charts from a few cars that Sander has tuned in the past.