After months and months of waiting, the MazdaSPEED6 Nano is finally ready for prime time! Many MS6 owners weren’t too keen on installing short ram intakes for MazdaSPEED3’s, and rightfully so! Those intakes were not meant for the MS6, and often times they don’t fit properly, lack appropriate anchor points, and they use a MAF housing that’s designed for the MS3. Now MS6 owners can forget the compromise. The MS6 Nano offers several advantages over the XCel cold air intake. Most notably, it’s less expensive. So guys on a budget looking for the least expensive way to go fast are going to eat this mod up. The Nano also doesn’t sit in the fender, so it isn’t as susceptible to hydrolocking. People that live either below sea level or in wet climates have worried about this issue. The MS6 Nano places the filter over the fender opening so that it can draw in some cold air, and it also features a CNC machined bracket to hold the intake in place. Like the SPEED3 Nano, the SPEED6 Nano features a CNC machined MAF housing and airflow straightener. CAD Model