As many of you may know, cp-e™ loves the EcoBoost line of motors and is dedicated to the turbo Ford platforms. This year Ford did something crazy (awesome) and put a 4 cylinder turbocharged motor in a Mustang. Some saw this as heresy, while we saw this as an excellent opportunity. With less weight than the V8 and the refinement of independent rear suspension, this car has plenty of potential and with modifications can rival the GT.

We’ve worked with JPC on several V8 Mustang projects, so we were stoked to work with them on the EcoBoost. Together we built some impressive go-fast parts for an SCT sponsored 2015 EcoBoost that will be running at the NMRA opening weekend in Bradenton, Florida.

So, how did we get to this point? Glad you asked…

The EcoBoost Platform has already made some incredible power on the stock turbo. But when has stock ever been enough? We knew from the get-go that the stock turbo had to go, so we got to work on a custom manifold to mount a Precision 55mm turbo. Going with a larger turbo opened up a whole new range of power and kept the impressive torque that the EcoBoost is known for. After creating the manifold, we sent it to our in house coating division for heat-resistant coating. As you can see the coating is both beautiful and effective.

With the extra air moving from the turbo, the car needed a downpipe that was up to the challenge. Luckily we have just the piping for that. Using our stock turbo downpipe as a starting point, we crafted a big turbo downpipe and kept all of the details that make cp-e™ products stand out.

These mods, along with the race prep, weight reduction, lightweight wheels and slicks, and SCT tune have made this EcoBoost the fastest in the world. With an 11.77 @ 117 time slip on the first night out, we can guarantee that great things are coming for the Mustang EcoBoost.

So, what does this mean to EcoBoost owners? This project was completed within 2 weeks of hardcore dedication and focus from multiple companies, and we plan on using our R&D from this project to build a bolt-on turbo kit to give consumers the same results. Over the next few months, we will refine our manifold into a cast piece and build a kit worthy of the Atmosphere name. Our upcoming Focus ST kit is an example of the quality that cp-e produces, and our Mustang kit will be on the same level.