We’re pleased to welcome George Rumore as the VP of Sales for Custom Performance Engineering. Being a veteran owned and operated company, we truly respect George’s service to our country. He has worked with several top companies in the industry and brings a multitude of experience to cp-e.

George is one of the go-to guys in the racing industry. Whether you’re looking for product to finish your build, seeking advice, or even a set of hands to help pull your engine; George has excelled at it all. He isn’t just dedicated to the racing industry, this is his life and it shows in everything that he does. We’re incredibly proud to have him as part of the team and look forward to the growth that will come with the expertise that he provides.

Been in the performance industry for the last 22 + years, served in the USMC for 5+ years. Loves everything motor driven.

Military Service
5+ Years

Marine Corps

Automotive Industry Experience
22+ Years

Automotive Industry Experience Highlights
Speed City Performance
Stainless Works
Kooks Custom Headers