What Does Made in the USA Actually Mean?

Made in Spartanburg, SC.

The most important part of the equation is making products in USA. We’re located in Spartanburg, South Carolina and not only design our products in house, but we produce them here too. This helps our local economy by employing people in Spartanburg and supporting other jobs in Spartanburg.

When you buy a product from cp-e, not only are you paying for a product design in the USA, but you’re supporting the USA made materials companies we use, our office staff, our in house manufacturing employees, and the shipping companies we use to send out product. The further that you zoom out from the transaction, the more US jobs are included.

Made in America with American materials

We use USA made materials for three reasons.

    1. We’re supporting our neighbors and the local economy. Instead of investing our dollars abroad, we’re keeping them with likeminded companies that are hiring in the United States.
    2. Time. Using local suppliers for aluminum and other raw materials greatly increases our turnaround time and allows us to product products more quickly.
    3. Quality. We know that our materials are made to our exact specifications and we have an ongoing relationship with our mills and suppliers for our raw materials. If we ever have an issue with raw material quality, we’re able to contact the supplier directly and get it resolved immediately.

In addition to supporting local businesses that we deal directly with, cp-e gives back to  small businesses and provides opportunity in our community. We support local car meets, sponsor kid’s swim teams, and find other ways to give back in the community.

Highest level of quality control

We’re proud to provide local jobs and focus on our community’s economy, but one of the main reasons we produce everything in house is to have the highest level of quality control.

Even with a product designed in house with outsourced production, there is a gap in the system. If we’re removing one step in the chain from our hands, we aren’t able to have a full say in the quality of the end product. Outsourcing doesn’t have this same control.

Designed and produced in our facility

cp-e has a hand in every phase of the creation of our products. From initial conception and design through the production, all steps are handled in house. This allows our engineers to hold the prototype in hand prior to production and make any modifications necessary for a perfect product. Keeping everything in house means that our design is not compromised by a third party.

Always updating

Since we make products in house, we have the ability to update and modify them for a variety of reasons. If we find that modifications will allow a product to fit more platforms, or that a bracket must be included to work with ROTW vehicles, we’re able to make those changes in house. This means that we’re always able to provide the most up to date product. Not to mention – we listen to our customers. We welcome valuable feedback on our products and we re-evaluate our products when necessary to provide the best product on the market.

Lifetime Warranty

We take pride in the products that we build, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on every product that we produce.