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Could This Be the Next Car for cp-e™?

We’ve always been fans of fun SUVs. The CX-7 was a huge hit with us because it had the engine from the Mazdaspeed3 and Mazdaspeed6, but in a platform that many of us could justify as a family car. Sometimes as we get older, we have to expand our horizons and definition of a “fun” car. Luckily for us, Ford is making the choice much easier nowadays.

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Pandem Raptor

We’ve always been fans of the Rocket Bunny and Pandem kits that are ever-present at the SEMA Show. Now that same look has been applied to the Raptor. We can’t wait to see some of these in person!

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Should You Buy an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R?

One of our favorite classics is now becoming more and more commonplace, and actually legal to own in the United States. But the question is, should you own one? This article explores that thought.
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Today, you taking advantage of the R32 GT-R’s age is your best bet at legally importing one. Since it’s more than 25 years old—the federal government’s cutoff—all of a sudden things like crash tests, emissions, and DOT requirements aren’t as important as they once were. There are caveats, though. First, that GT-R had better have its original engine or an EPA-approved equivalent. And second, depending on the state you’ll be registering it in, that GT-R still might not be emissions-compliant even though the feds say it is.

Ford Ranger Spotted

We’re extremely excited for the return of the Ford Ranger. We always have loved the small pickup truck segment because it lends itself to some workhorse vehicles that can still be affordable and fun.

Here are some leaked photos of the Ranger in testing, this should be a sweet truck!

snow-leopard-the-2019-ford-ranger-spotted-testing-in-the-snow-0002 snow-leopard-the-2019-ford-ranger-spotted-testing-in-the-snow-0001